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Medical Oxygen

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Oxygen is necessary to survival, and for many the need for medical oxygen has arisen in their daily lives. For individual customers and offices...

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Medical Nitrous Oxide

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Medical nitrous oxide is used in a variety of medical and dental offices as an analgesic for pain, or a moderate form of anesthesia for minor...

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Liquid Nitrogen

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Liquid nitrogen is an extremely cold substance that can freeze living tissue upon contact. It’s been used in the medical community to treat a variety...

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Welcome To Air Supply of North Texas

To treat your patients, it’s important to maintain a consistent supply of medical and dental gases at your facility. This is where the service experts at Air Supply of North Texas come in. We provide direct delivery of medical oxygen, liquid nitrogen and medical nitrous oxide to dental and medical facilities. Our goal is to provide quality, consistent service to our customers to enable them to give patients their full attention instead of worrying about supplies.

For over 30 years, our team of professional distributors has been supplying medical and dental gases to clientele throughout Texas. Our goal is to focus on service, and as such we can provide competitive pricing that can help reduce overall costs and improve the quality of patient care. Our supportive and knowledgeable staff of representatives will help you through the ordering process, and to provide full service, we offer same day delivery.

As part of our complete service, we provide the following to our customers:

• Delivery of medical oxygen, liquid nitrogen and medical nitrous oxide
• Medical carbon dioxide and emergency oxygen carts
• Emergency hose repair and servicing on cylinders and regulators
• Re-fills on any size containers

Our technicians and delivery specialist come prepared with the most current equipment available to ensure safe delivery of the medical supplies, and quick repair of any issues you’re experiencing at your office. We understand the specialized needs of medical offices, and work with you to ensure full customer satisfaction from patient to doctor.

Our reputation for unparalleled service quality is part of our guarantee for full customer satisfaction. Whether you’re needing to increase supply of medical oxygen, liquid nitrogen, or medical nitrous oxide, or needing repair on canisters or hoses, at Air Supply of North Texas, your satisfaction is our business.

Air Supply of North Texas | 2829 Fort Worth Ave Dallas, TX 75211 | Phone: (214) 337-4761
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