Liquid Nitrogen

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Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen | Air Supply of North Texas

Liquid nitrogen is an extremely cold substance that can freeze living tissue upon contact. It’s been used in the medical community to treat a variety of skin conditions such as warts, skin tags, and other small lumps or uneven spots. Dermatologists or other medical offices that perform such treatments can rely on Air Supply of North Texas to deliver canisters of purified liquid nitrogen to use for skin treatment.

Offices that provide cryobiology services can rely on us as well for emergency delivery of canisters, and assistance with transferring of biological material from case to case to ensure safety of the organs or organism. We understand the importance of persevering blood, cells, and tissue samples and guarantee that our product will safely transfer your materials from either office to office, or preserve them for long-term storage.

Liquid nitrogen is a substance that must be handled with care and delicacy, which is why our customer service specialists will work with you to determine the appropriate size container for your office needs, and arrange for safe delivery of the product.

We can hook up hoses and spray distributors to aid in easy delivery of the product during treatment. For repairs or replacement of liquid nitrogen container parts, our technicians will come directly to your office and provide emergency hose repair, replacement of regulators or cylinders, and offer additional services if needed.

At Air Supply of North Texas, your satisfaction is our business and we guarantee to offer competitive pricing on all our products. We also supply medical oxygen and medical nitrous oxide in addition to liquid nitrogen to dental offices, medical facilities and hospitals throughout Texas. For information on our products, services and pricing quotes, contact us today!

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