Medical Nitrous Oxide

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Medical Nitrous Oxide

Medical Nitrous Oxide | Air Supply of North Texas

Medical nitrous oxide is used in a variety of medical and dental offices as an analgesic for pain, or a moderate form of anesthesia for minor surgery. If your office performs minor surgeries or dental procedures that can be uncomfortable for a patient, you may want to utilize this gas to help sedate and calm the client during the procedure. Air Supply of North Texas offers medical nitrous oxide to offices across Texas in varying canister sizes at an affordable price.

In accordance with safety and medical regulations, all medical nitrous oxide comes in canisters appropriate for distribution and delivery to patients, and is 99 percent pure on being obtained from the gas company. All gas is purified for human use, so you can be sure that our customer service policies extend into your facility and to your patients as well.

We understand that the demand for gases in the medical and dental community can suddenly arise, which is why we offer same day delivery of all our medical nitrous oxide canisters along with other gases.

Along with supplying medical nitrous oxide, medical oxygen and liquid nitrogen, our service team is also trained to replace regulators on canisters, repair cylinders, and provide emergency hose repair to your patients.

For more information on the array of services we offer our customers, contact us directly for price quotes. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and we’ll work with you to ensure full service for our customers at a competitive price.

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