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Medical Oxygen

Medical Oxygen | Air Supply of North Texas

Oxygen is necessary to survival, and for many the need for medical oxygen has arisen in their daily lives. For individual customers and offices requiring this specialized gas, Air Supply of North Texas offers same-day delivery.

Medical oxygen is used both at home and in a medical setting to treat a variety of long-term conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema, and can also be used for short-term medical emergencies as well. Ambulances often carry oxygen to treat shock from major trauma, convulsions, hypothermia, and as such require a variety of canister sizes and equipment to distribute the oxygen directly to the patient.

Because of this, Air Supply of North Texas provides medical oxygen to our customers in varying canister sizes depending on need, and we provide repair and replacement services for hoses, oxygen carts, medical breathing air systems, cylinders and regulators. This makes us a full-service distributor for a variety of medical and home care facilities – your satisfaction is our business.

To ensure your satisfaction, our customer specialists will work with you to provide a price quote and ensure that you are getting quality product at a competitive price. Delivery and storage of medical oxygen requires special handling, which is why our transport team uses state-of-the-art equipment for delivery and storage of all supplies.

Offices that we provide medical oxygen to include:

• Dental Laboratories
• General Dentistry Offices
• Medical Research Offices
• Hospitals
• Nursing and Elderly Care Facilities

We can provide personal refills of oxygen tanks for in-home use as well. For more information on individual pricing as well as pricing for supplying your medical or dental office, call Air Supply of North Texas today!

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